Fall 2023

It is my thrill to share a peek at this gorgeous, hypnotic, obsessive-repulsive gif by Faith Holland with all of you. 

Faith is one of the very small handful of artists who pioneered working with gifs wayyyyyy back before it was cool, and her work performs brilliantly subversive reads on sexuality, desire, consumption, technology, death. I was overjoyed when she agreed to create an original artwork for this community. 

I commissioned this piece following a dream: I was rounding a cul-de-sac in Somerville, Massachusetts— the air was unmistakeable Massholian— if you know you know— and something about rounding that bend made me understand it was time to uncoil the ourobouros, to connect it to the twinned jagged lines of the Aquarian age and the serpent of universal energy… or some such. I think I told y’all about this dream in a voice memo, maybe back when I was embedded with the Orgasmic Meditation commune.

Then, when I got to Hudson a couple weeks ago— a place where I no longer have a home (don’t worry, I've been looking) but do somehow still feel AT home, a chance conversation with Brad Troemel hit me with a thunderbolt of insight— and I knew all at once the text this new course of study would focus on once sessions resume in September.

RECREATION is a new curriculum for Invisible College and yes it all starts in September. 

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